Minimum spend of $20.00 only
$40 to FREE delivery
Delivers within 3 working days

Delivery fees

Order amount

Below $40.00

$40 and above




E-commerce Delivery

Despite our modest fleet of vehicles, we advocate the importance in
providing an efficient model of Pick, Pack and Deliver upon every order confirmation. With this, the logistics team work tirelessly round the clock to ensure customers’ orders are delivered timely with no discrepancies.

In order to achieve higher levels of productivity, we will typically consolidate several orders at once before assigning them to our delivery team based on the shipping addresses. Standard shipping time is 3 working days at a flat rate of $5.00 upon order confirmation. In our bid to support the reduction in carbon emission, we encourage bulk purchases. Customers will enjoy free shipping with purchases above $40.00.
We currently do not deliver to Tuas and Sentosa (Postal Codes starting with 63 and 09).

Apart from the provision of quality products at reasonable prices, Sin Guo strongly believes that an efficient logistics system is just as essential in keeping customers happy.

Returns Policy

No questions asked! Within 7 days from delivery date, customers are entitled to free returns (when products are not opened) with no questions asked. However, beyond the 7 – day mark, we will be unable to provide or accept any refunds or returns for delivered items.

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